Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lawyer Looking for a Job Should Consider Bankruptcy Law

An interesting observation was made by columnist Jennifer Iikka in the October 2009 issue of the Chicago Laywer.  She observes:

"There are few professions other than [law] where you spend years of your life and up to six figures in loans to graduate, and literally not know what you are doing when you get a job.  If you do not know what you are doing as a young associate, how do you learn on the job without appearing ignorant?"

I think the answer is better training before you start your job.  Law schools don't prepare you to "run with the ball" upon graduation.  I urge young lawyers who are eager to join a growing legal field to seriously consider a job as a bankrutpcy attorney.  Fantastic legal training is offered by the National Bankruptcy College and more information can be found at

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