Friday, October 30, 2009

Bankruptcy Jobs for Unemployed Attorneys

High school students are routinely told that the path to success runs through colleges and universities.  College students are told graduate and professional schools are also on the path towards success.  In short, one is told that the more education you have the more successful one will become.  While that was undoubtedly true for people born in the middle to earlier part of the 20th Century, some are questioning whether that is still true today. 

The above strategy didn't contemplate the increasingly heavy burden of student loan debt.  The burden is even heavier for students who seek advanced degrees, such as law degrees.  The ABA Journal reported that the student loan of some law school graduates exceeds $90,000.  I was once told never to buy a home valued at more than $50,000; now many vehicles cost that much.  Some commentators have equated student loan burdens with that of a non-dischargeable house mortgage...something to be paid over decades.

Nevertheless, some students eagerly accepted the student loan burden with visions of financial riches dancing in their head.  However, the reality of the current economic climate has been a cold slap in the face to some recent law students.  Ok, those law students didn't notice when the factories were closing and the employees being laid off.  Most of the law students didn't observe that the secretarial pools were drying up. 

But, unemployed law school graduates never imagined unemployment for a person who worked hard for 11 years of schooling, having excelled in high school, succeeded in college, thrived in law school, and passed the bar exam.  As one person has said "It's as if some unspoken intergenerational contract has been broken."

So where should an unemployed attorney turn?  I suggest trying bankruptcy.  It's a booming market with plenty of growth potential.  You can gain exceptional training from the National Bankruptcy College ( go to and clients can be obtained by referrals from or you can consider joining a law firm.  I suggest you consider looking at

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